Law School Preparation and Information

At OSU, the term "prelaw" refers to a student's intention to pursue law school following his or her undergraduate degree, not to any prescribed degree or exact set of courses. Law is a very diverse profession. Lawyers must work with and represent individuals and organizations in every aspect of society; from medical doctors to chemical companies; from people with little education to those of affluent economic backgrounds; from individuals in personal crises to organizations planning future activities. Because legal careers are so varied, law schools do not recommend any particular major.

Some general guidelines for law school preparation:

  • Acquire a well-balanced education through which thinking, reading and writing skills are developed.
  • Maintain a rigorous course load in whatever major you choose. Undergraduate coursework that is narrow and unchallenging is not the best preparation for law school.
  • There is no required prelaw curriculum so be cautious of programs labeled prelaw. They may introduce legal principles that help determine if law school is of interest but rarely are they taught with the depth and rigor of law school courses.

OSU provides university-wide advising for any current student or alum interested in law school.

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