Internship Opportunities

OSU juniors and seniors interested in acquiring experience in a legal environment while in Stillwater may apply for internships with Legal Aid of Western Oklahoma, a non-profit legal services agency. OSU seniors and juniors with 3.0 and above GPA may apply. Interested students should contact me about the opportunities and requirements.

 Henry Bellmon Leadership Intern Program

Provides funding for selected students participating in internships in Washington, D.C. or a state or federal agency.  Full-time OSU undergraduates who have been accepted for internships should pick-up an application in 202 Life Sciences East, 260 Student Union or 360 Student Union. Applications for spring internship support are due November 1. Contact: Patty Weir, 203 Life Sciences East, 744-7547.

 Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin offers an internship program for college students interested in gaining experience in the political field.  Interns observe processes through attending meetings and perform routine tasks that provide the opportunity to network in the political arena. Contact: 405-525-2702.**

 Carl Albert Public Internship Program

CAPIP is administered by the state Office of Personnel Management.  It provides an opportunity for college graduates or undergraduates to serve an internship in a state agency.  Undergraduate interns assist in a variety of research or fiscal oriented projects.  Students with at least 24 semester credit hours and GPA 2.5 and above may apply.  Applicants will be contacted by the Office of Personnel Management to determine eligibility, and then contacted by interested state agencies concerning possible employment opportunities (placement not guaranteed).  Contact: 405-521-6335 **

 White House Fellowships

Each year 11-19 outstanding Fellows are selected through national competition and are assigned to serve for one year as special assistants to Cabinet Officers, the Vice President, or members of the President's staff. They also participate in education program meeting a diverse group of public and private sector leaders.  Contact:  The President's Commission on White House Fellowships, 202-395-4522, email: (at prompt, type "send brochure" on subject line and in body of message)

 Public Defender Service (PDS) for the District of Columbia

PDS trains and supervises between 50 and 60 undergraduate and graduate level interns each spring, fall and summer in the basics of criminal defense investigation and pre-trial preparation.  After 25 hours of training, interns work directly for one or two of the agency's 40 criminal attorneys.  Contact: 800-341-2582 **

 Legal Aid Society of Manhattan, Criminal Defense Division or Juvenile Rights Division

Interns perform field investigations essential to the representation of indigent clients.  A week of training on the basics of investigation is provided.  Interns work closely with attorneys and gain a comprehensive understanding of the law.  Contact: 212-298-5001 **

 Georgetown University Law Center Investigative Internship Program

The Juvenile and Criminal Justice Clinics at the Law Center provide representation in indigent criminal defendants in the District of Columbia and neighboring counties in Maryland.  The Clinics are comprised of law students, attorneys and professors.  Investigative interns are assigned to help attorneys locate and interview witnesses, take statements and write memoranda, and conduct background research.  Contact: 202-662-9575 **

 Office of the Public Defender, Rockville, Maryland

OPD is seeking bright, motivated students interested in working as criminal defense investigators on behalf of poor people charged with breaking the law. After a week of training, interns finding and interviewing witnesses, taking statements, and otherwise assisting lawyers on their cases.  Contact: 301-279-1660 ext 327 **

 The Heritage Foundation

A research institute for formulating and promoting conservative public policies.  Applications for internships may be downloaded at

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** Note:  I have one application for each that may be copied on request at the front desk, 213 Life Sciences East